Study Visit at the University of Edinburgh

Study Visit at the University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh. Study visit was conducted at the University of Edinburgh by the representatives of the project partners:

  • University of “Haxhi Zeka” in Peja,
  • Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Kosova
  • Kosovar Accreditation Agency,
  • WUS Kosova and
  • University “G`D Annunzio” Cieti/ Pescara

framework three day visit was scheduled according to the objectives of the  TEMPUS project “Strategic support in the establishment and development of sustainable structures of quality assurance at the University Haxhi Zeka “SD@UHZ” with the agenda as following:

May 4th. The first day “Transitioning into university “ consisted of  a welcome speech delivered by the  Assistant Principal Academic Standards and Quality Assurance,  Dr Tina Harrison of the University of Edinburgh. There were presentations delivered by the University ofo Edinburgh staff:

  1. Welcome and induction programmes
  • Brief introduction by ‘lead’ from Haxhi Zeka on local initiatives
  • Student Induction at the University of Edinburgh: Jenni Murray Student Induction Coordinator
  • PGT Administration and Support Manager Samantha Rice on the approach to Student Induction on MSc level at the University of Edinburgh Business School
  1. Enhancing the experience
  • Brief introduction by ‘lead’ from Haxhi Zeka on local initiatives
  • Student Support via the Edinburgh University Student Association: Ed Auckland, Academic Adviser at The Advice Place, Edinburgh University Students’ Association and Sarah Moffat, Welfare and Equalities Officer at Edinburgh University Students’ Association
  • Ensuring inclusivity– supporting disabled students: Jan Gardiner, Assistant Director, Student Disability Service
  • Building and sustaining international partnerships: Dr Dorothy Watson, Head of Global Partnerships


May 5th. The second day of the study visit “Transitioning through university and into careers” consisted on experience and objectives presentations held on these two topics and the best way to achieve them.

  1. Student support
  • Brief introduction by ‘lead’ from Haxhi Zeka on local initiatives
  • The Personal Tutor System, including the role of Student Support Officers: Dr Arianna Andreangeli, Lecturer in Competition Law and Senior Personal Tutor
  • Peer Assisted Learning: Katie Scott, Peer Learning and Support Manager, Edinburgh University Students Association
  1. Personal and professional development
  • Brief introduction by ‘lead’ from Haxhi Zeka on local initiatives
  • The Graduate Attributes model and ‘The Edinburgh Award’: Dr Gavin McCabe, Employability Consultant and Edinburgh Award Manager
  • Undergraduate Careers Services: Elizabeth Mortimer, Careers Services, Link Consultant to the Business School

May 6th. The third day of the study visit “Capture and prioritize future initiatives at Haxhi Zeka” consisted of discussions held on the best way to achieve the objectives of this project, and also a discussion on the QA at the University of Edinburgh. This day was complied of three parts:

  1. Small group sessions to capture/prioritize/progress on future initiatives at University “Haxhi Zeka”

Small group discussion relating to each of:

  • Welcome and induction programmes
  • Enhancing the experience
  • Student support
  • Personal and professional development
  • Plenary and summary findings


  1. For those with an interest: Open discussion about the QA strategy and systems at University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Tina Harrison, Assistant Principal Academic Standards and Quality Assurance: QA from the University and College perspectives
  • Dr Inger Seiferheld, Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditations, Business School: QA from a school perspective


  1. Presentations by UNICH
  • Patrizia Ballerini (UNICH) – Towards a simplification of the self-evaluation and accreditation process. The italian Universities case
  • Massimo Bianchi (UNIBO – UNICH) – Practical appliance of performance evaluation for University staff and students services

A summary of the three days presentations was done by the Vice-rector of UHZ, Prof. Dr. Sabiha Shala. She explained for the group on what the university will be focused in the future to implement based on the University of Edinburgh experiences, mainly with no budget implications. The experience gained from dealing with these topics will be shared also with other staff and implemented soon by the management, teachers and students of UHZ. The aim of this project is strategic framework of European cooperation in education and training (ET 2020 ), in certain areas, in order to facilitate the integration of Kosovo into the European area of ​​higher education.

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